weight loss while pregnant

weight loss while pregnant

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Losing weight during pregnancy?

I am currently overweight, but my husband and I want to get pregnant. My original plan was to lose any extra weight and real-time speech, but we''re on a tight deadline. We want our children only part of a number of years and if we expect to lose weight, my daughter will be at least 8 and is too far for us! So my question is, I can eat in a healthy way to lose weight while I''m pregnant (not eating, but now once day). So I lost weight before, eating six small meals of fresh produce and proteins – no treatment, no sodium. I know it''s healthy me and the baby, but I do not know how the weight loss on fair conditions. I really want to lose weight and not be 300 pounds when I''m pregnant … PS: If I am full of waiting, so it will. The health of babies is more important. Thanks!

In fact, despite what many have said it is quite possible to lose weight during pregnancy affects the baby but aslong as you are not a healthy weight, you still receive all the needs of baby foods and liquids. so my aunt was obese and started eating her pregnancy, very healthy organic foods, no caffiene or coffee any [not supposed to anyway] ate everything was told the books and her doctor and she has lost weight, why? because it was less calories than it was before eating and better nutrition, but it would be very selfish and bad if I leave the floor to lose weight during pregnancy (I am) because im already at a healthy weight, and I absolutely need to obtain a set of weight Wack [triple] if the answer to your question is yes, and follow what the medical and Yur not telling you to eat to have a healthy baby that f may or may not lose weight hollyy iKNOW im going to get thumbs down for this, but thought id share


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